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  • GeoDataSource.com
    World Major Cities Database
    Enables a web developer to easily implement drop down lists of countries, states and cities.
    GeoDataSource World Major Cities
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  • GeoDataSource.com
    World Cities Database Gold
    World city names in one text database suitable for cities name, state or province, latitude, longitude and country code.
    GeoDataSource World Cities Database Gold
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  • GeoDataSource.com
    World Cities Database Titanium
    World city names in one text database suitable for cities name, state or province, latitude, longitude, country code, population and time zone.
    GeoDataSource World Cities Database Titanium
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  • GeoDataSource.com
    .NET Component
    Works with Microsoft® Access, SQL Server and MySQL
    Easily query the GeoDataSource™ World Cities Database
    GeoDataSource .NET Component
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Comprehensive world major cities data such as feature designation, administrative division, population, and many more, for all countries around the world

What is GeoDataSource?

GeoDataSource.com offers the database of 3 million cities features for immediate online download. The databases come complete with feature names, latitude and longitude, region and country information and additional information spanning across 249 countries or territories in 6 world continents.

Why GeoDataSource?

Complete and accurate world major cities database source. We update the data source every month to make sure your have the up-to-date information for your usage. Compatible with Major Database Systems

The database is available in ASCII text (TSV) format and can be easily imported into any relational database, such as SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, Postgre and any other database system in use today. This database can also be loaded into NoSQL for queries.

Free Support

GeoDataSource.com provides free email support for all subscribers.